I thought this week would be more eventful but that’s because I was excited to go see Adam Grant talk about his new book Originals, on Monday. Then I realised I have too much work to go! I love his first book Give and Take and his talks are always good so yeah it was quite a bummer. If you come across the book/one of his talks, go check it out ūüôā

My friend Peter went to the talk though and he said it was good, except there was a longgg line and it was raining so I’m glad I dodged that because I really don’t want to get sick. We had dinner together after the talk at the halal dining hall! It’s always a nice time catching up with this busy guy ūüôā

I’m typing this as I’m walking to a meeting because I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write these past few days. Clearly, school work has really hit me. I have a problem set (a phrase¬†I had to learn when I came to Penn which I guess just means homework… which consist of¬†problems…) due tomorrow and I’m meeting two people from my class tonight to “go over answers” and I’m using inverted commas because I don’t actually have any answers at the moment.¬†So, this will be interesting.

I JUST HAVE SO MUCH READING TO DO THESE DAYS, YOU GUYS. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this but 3 of my 4 classes require regular response papers on the readings so I have to like¬†really¬†do them.

I started going¬†to the Fisher Fine Arts library to study because it’s really pretty and I just wanted to work in a super quiet place (this library is really¬†quiet). Julia was there too last week, and we had to sit on opposite sides of the table to prevent ourselves from talking, haha.

Also, last week I went to the Asian American Studies program’s discussion on the perception of Asian Americans towards the Vietnam War. A grad student in the English department lead the discussion because that’s what his research is about. It was pretty cool because going to Ho Chi Minh last December made me a little curious about it.

That same night, I managed to have dinner with Clare! I saw her in London over winter break, but it was the first time I saw her since the semester started. We went to my¬†favourite¬†chinese restaurant on campus and got dan dan noodles. We drank tea, talked and laughed for 3 hours until I felt like I was going to lose my voice and/or pee in my pants and it was great ‚̧

I literally didn’t leave the building the entire weekend, but Hui Jie and I did have our routine junk weekend! We ate pizza and had coke on her bed hehe.

Our favourite ricotta + spinach + mushroom combination!

I also ended up sleeping in her bed last weekend because the rat noises I was hearing last week persisted and drove me nuts!! If you know me, you know I strongly prefer not to share beds… but I was just that stressed out. Thankfully, the exterminator came by today and FOUND THE RAT. Hopefully, I’ll be getting better sleep from now on..


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