Hi, my name is Dayana, and welcome to my little personal experiment.

I used to like to write. These days, all the writing I do is the occasional long Instagram caption.

After some thinking and talking to some people I trust, I’ve decided to set a very simple goal and commit to it: write something once a week. One day a week, any day, no matter how busy I am.

I’m not even setting out to write anything earth-shaking; I suspect I will write about all sorts of trivialities. I’m just trying to regain a sense of discipline I feel I miss, and to train my brain to reflect and share because it’s something I value in others.

I have previously tried to re-nurture this habit, but it has always been with blogs that were very private because somehow, as I’ve gotten a little older, I’ve also gotten a little (read: a lot) more careful (read: weary) about my words and what they can do or mean, and how people can judge me for them. I am deciding that I need to work my way around those woes and be more accountable about my own goals. This time, I chose to make my objective as plain as day. I am probably going to cringe every time I put a link to a blog post out there because it’s so nerve wrecking to let people into my head so frequently, but I want to do this. Now my goal is public, it’s my title and you–whoever you are–you’re helping me by indirectly keeping me accountable by reading this. I think this will be interesting and I guess I hope it works?

Thank you for reading 🙂



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