Getting Locked Out / Girls Night In

Last Wednesday, I felt like I needed to really sit down and churn out some papers. So, I decided to skip my Penn Perspectives lecture, get some soup for takeout and just plop myself on my desk for a whole night. I got back, put my bags and food on the dinner table and before I could sit down or even take my tudung or coat off, I thought “oh, I should get some detergent from CVS first before I get too comfortable”. Then I went right back out and as soon as I heard the apartment door shut behind me, I realised… I left my key inside.

Our apartment building has this thing where after office hours, you have to pay $75 to get a lockout key so there way no way I was doing that. I texted and called my roommate Shahirah but she wasn’t replying. I asked my friend Jamie who also lives in this building if she was home but no, she wouldn’t be until much later. Just as I was about to explain what was happening to my parents/family WhatsApp group… my phone died. Of course. I just waited at the lobby for someone I knew to come by and I could ask them to borrow their phone/charger and eventually, Rebecca came! She lent me her phone and then we went up to her apartment and I chilled there for a while as I waited for Shahirah to reply.

I was getting really antsy at this point because I had a lot of work to do by that night!!! I was extra frustrated because it was all my fault, too. After about 1-2 hours went past, I decided I couldn’t wait any longer because I was starving (my poor soup on my table getting cold all by itself!) and I needed to do work. Luckily, I had a few dollars in cash and the key to my Psych lab in Levin because there was a computer designated for my use and a phone charger there. So, at like 9-something PM, I got $2.50 rice from a food truck and went to my lab to use the computer and worked from scratch (my fault, again, for not putting my doc on a cloud service, which I usually do without fail).

By the time I got there, I unsurprisingly already had a headache (I’m the kind of person who needs to eat on time unless I’m unusually full from lunch or whatever) and was stressed to the bones. But yeah, about 3 hours after I was first locked out, Shahirah finally replied and unlocked the door and I went home after finishing some of my work on the lab computer. Ahhh you know the feeling when you clear your schedule to do something but then you screw up and your entire plan goes out the window? Gosh, that was unpleasant.

Later that night, I cheekily texted my parents talking about how one mistake always leads to like 5 other problems (hunger, headache, stress etc…) and I said “well, moral of the story: it is never ok to make mistakes, you have to do things 100% perfectly 100% of the time! LOL jk” but my dad replied “Yes. True” HAHAHA. And you wonder how I became so intense!

But yeah, I was just thinking about that yesterday when I told my friend Hui Jie I didn’t have anything to write about for my blog. It’s funny how quickly we forget things sometimes! It’s also funny how the wheel turns. I felt sooo cranky that night and because of my headache, I went right to sleep when I got back. But I guess I forgot that pretty quickly because the rest of my week went pretty spectacularly. 🙂

Earlier that Wednesday, I went to Mark Pollack’s International Political Economy lecture because I knew the week after Spring Break was when he spends two classes talking about international financial crises and conditionality and I was so glad I got to sit in that lecture again! (If you don’t remember, I have already taken this class two semesters ago… that’s just how much I liked it) On Thursday, I had my first official class since before spring break (!!!!!) because class was cancelled on Tuesday and I don’t really have class on Monday and Wednesday (other than classes where I am the TA, not the student). And on Friday, I teman-ed Hui Jie to Delaware to buy her new Macbook! She decided to go all the way there because you save like $140—Delaware is tax free. I had a lot of fun on a mini road trip, getting to DJ!!! I made a playlist just for it.

When we came back to Philly, we had pizza for dinner and some Lil Pop Shop popsicles! Their earl grey black pepper ice cream sounds a little weird but I promise you, it is a delight. Jamie came over. We watched Princess Diaries. My friends all laughed at how many lines of the movie I knew (A LOT).

So I don’t know… I guess that’s the story of how my meh week turned into a really good one? Hahaha. Anyway, I did quite a bit of work today and I am soooo ready to just chill and read a book or watch a movie but I’m about to do the most arduous task of all: LAUNDRY. I have been puttingo it off for way too long, so until next week, thanks for reading! 🙂


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