A list of things.

I don’t know when or why this happened and I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but these days I’ve had to work so hard on harnessing my skill of swatting fruit flies. Why, are there, so many, fruit flies, in my kitchen. Where are they coming from?!!!

It’s a Saturday night and I’m making a study guide for my communications exam. It’s like 10 pages long, and I take many breaks in between. Most of them were spent googling McDonalds menus around the world. Some McDonalds have salmon burgers. Some McDonalds have rice! Singapore’s McDonalds seems 10/10—they had a rendang burger once

I took sporadic 10-minute breaks from studying to watch Hamilton’s America bit by bit. It’s such a good documentary and really makes me want to watch the play… though I’m not entirely sure if that’s possible given that even the cheapest tickets for possible dates are like ~$150. It makes me wish I got to see Lin-Manuel Miranda at commencement last May.

It has been a few years since I stopped watching Parks and Rec. I used to watch it back before I came to Penn, but when I started college and school picked up, I dropped pretty much all my TV shows. I have watched some episodes here and there on flights but I properly hopped back on that bandwagon these past few weeks and a few days ago, I watched the episode where Ann and Chris leave Pawnee for good and just flat out bawled. I wonder what it’ll be like to leave all my friends here at Penn in May.

One of the most annoying things about my readings is that a lot of them are scanned books in the form of PDFs, which means I can’t really highlight them on Preview and it looks bad, and sometimes it’s crooked and just, ahhhh. It’s 2016!!!! Let’s please all digitalise these articles already.

I learned that Conde Nast owns/owned Reddit. What?!

Sometimes when I don’t eat on time, I get so queasy later in the day that by evening, I have to leave a cup by my bedside table to spit in. (Also, why do we get a lot of saliva when we feel queasy?) This was probably too much information for you but now you know.

Some of the fiercest internal battles that go on in my head happen when I’m in bed doing work and a strong craving subtly emerges from the depths of my mind and taunts me. This weekend, it was popcorn. God, I really wanted popcorn. It was such a battle not to just throw on some clothes and run to the Rave to get a huge bucket of popcorn. I wish I lived further from the cinema sometimes.

You can’t celebrate everything. Every so often (and trust me, it happens quite often), I’m like, ooooh, I should get myself some bubble tea today to celebrate being done with this exam! Or, maybe I’ll get myself some ice cream because it’s the end of the week. Like, no. No, dude. No. That’s kinda disgusting. It’s like, that is business as usual. You have an exam/assignment due every week. You have an end of the week every week. That’s just your life. Rewarding doing things you have to do makes it seem like an extraordinarily big deal. It’s not. It’s a baseline expectation. Carry on.

Sometimes I think people at Penn are too… nice? I don’t know if that’s the word. Like in some classes, people will say stuff and it will make no sense and it has one point but it goes on for two minutes, and the teacher will say, “Okay! Yeah, that’s valid!” I get that we should encourage people to think and participate but not everything makes sense. Sometimes this whole “everyone gets a gold star” culture is just straight up annoying. Tell it like it is.

This past week I learned that sea salt is so good in lattes. Changed my life.

I googled Soylent the other day out of curiosity and since then, I’ve been seeing Soylent ads on a lot of sites I’ve been on. I get that digital marketing is supposed to more efficiently target people and stuff, but like, I really don’t want it. Imagine if you walk into a store just to browse for fun and then the salesperson followed you around the mall for the rest of the day. It’s a bit… much.

I really don’t wanna do my laundry right now but I’m out of gym clothes to wear.


5 thoughts on “A list of things.

  1. @9: Aw! I do this, too. Treat yo’self. Business as usual here can be pretty intense, and I’ll love the mini-splurges of boba and ice cream and funsiness throughout

    @12: Pretty annoying stuff. Was into marketing and advertising for a while but I’m always put off by this. https://disconnect.me is an app you can install on your browser to prevent trackers. It also lists out the millions of cookies and trackers following you around… -.- but it helps you block a couple

    @10: HAHA totally understand this. Esp professors, they’re so encouraging and open and seem to just understand every comment uttered ever lol

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