#71-80 | 100 Happy Days

#71: Monday

One of the places I’ve been itching to go back to since I came back for summer was Chong Kok, a kopitiam in Klang. My sisters and I love it because it’s a classic kopitiam and we had never really been to one until last December. The bread here is so good—do I really need to tell you how amazing warm bread tastes with butter and kaya?! It’s quite embarrassing, but the first time I ever tasted steamed bread (the thick kinds at the kopitiams, I don’t know what they’re called) was last December and I feel like I have to eat enough to make up for a lifetime of missing out on it.

#72: Tuesday

My sister Aida and I were totally itching to watch Ghostbusters. It wasn’t even because we like, really wanted to watch the movie, but it was because whenever we thought of watching it, there would be no good times that work. So on Tuesday, we got up pretty early to take the train all the way to KLCC to watch it. For some reason, so few cinemas were showing it.

I thought the movie was hilarious!! I personally was excited to see a movie with like 4 female leads which wasn’t about being bridesmaids or cheerleaders or something else stereotypically girly. My sisters and I laughed about it quite a bit and I think it’s definitely one of those movies we’ll go back to watching now and again because it’s quite light and funny but not embarrassing (I couldn’t watch Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids because I hate second-hand embarrassment).

#73: Wednesday

My cousins and I went to District 21 last week, haha. It was pretty fun, but like super tiring. My favourite thing (probably because this is the only thing I really put a lot of my effort in) was this spherical cage you had to climb up to get to the slide on the top. The cage was kind of filled with this elastic bands type things so it was tricky to make your way through.

We also did some trampolining and rock climbing. Surprise, surprise, I am terribly afraid of heights. I took so long to jump off the ledge even though I knew I would be fine. Gosh. I almost soiled my pants just thinking about it. I didn’t even do the high ropes thing because I was exhausted and didn’t have the arm (or mental) strength to get through it; in hindsight, we shouldn’t have let that be the last thing we attempted.

But it was still a really fun day! My fav part was lunch, tbh. We had lunch at Wondermilk, which I love. I got the spicy butter chicken burger and was supes satisfied. Also overall, I was just really happy to finally get to spend time with my cousins.

#74: Thursday

After 3 days of going out, my sisters and I just stayed home on Thursday. In the afternoon, pest control people came over to do the routine spraying around the house and so the three of us were sitting downstairs at the dining table while the guy did that. Coincidentally, Aida had just started watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, so we all ended up watching it together downstairs. The best part was that this incident unintentionally triggered a Harry Potter marathon! We just finished all 8 movies today, watching pretty much one a day since then.

I have to admit, I kind of forgot how much I loved Harry Potter when I was younger. I suddenly felt like I rekindled a bit of my lost youth. Haha, dramatic aren’t I? But it’s true! I loved how well-woven the plot is. I suddenly remembered how I used to look up to Harry and his characteristics so much. When Harry Potter and the Cursed Child came out, I was like meh, not a big deal. But now I remember what a great series JK Rowling created.

#75: Friday

Friday was a bit of an adventurous day for me. Remember, a while back, I said I sent some of the cloth I bought last year to a tailor? Well, I picked it up on Friday and I love it!! I had to leave home at 10 a.m. to go to Ampang Park to get it. I took the LRT and I always find it really fun to take public transport around KL because it makes me feel like oh wow majunya negara saya! (For Hui Jie, if you’re reading, translation: oh wow, my country is advanced!) Hahaha. Then I went to KLCC and Pavilion to look for the shoes I wanted, and then I had to go to KL Sentral after… so I took the Monorail for the first time in ages!! It was super packed because well, I took it from Bukit Bintang and it was also Friday prayers time, but it was fun to explore roads and stuff around KL.

#76: Saturday

My family and I had seafood for dinner at Tasik Indah and it was the first time I’ve had crab in such a long time. Peeling crab is always such an arduous process but my god does it taste gooooood. We also ordered butter prawns and it was just delicious, alhamdulillah. I love a good family seafood dinner.

#77: Sunday

I saw my friends Amalina and Divya on Sunday, for the first time in a while. Like, I honestly haven’t seen Divya in a couple of years so it was nice to catch up with her. We went to Dotty’s, one of my favourite new places. I think some people might say it’s a little overrated but I love it. They serve things I like: poached egg over soft-shell crab, salmon sandwiches, cronuts and cold brew, and they do it pretty well so I say it’s not overrated, just appropriatelyrated. That could be a word, right?

The service was also pretty good! For Malaysian standards, it was really good. I ordered a cheese doughnut but it never came. When I asked the waiter to check, he had a clear oh-crap look on his face because he knows that someone else got my doughnut instead and it had since run out. He offered to bring me something else, but I insisted that I’ve been meaning to try that specific one. He said he’d “do some magic” in the kitchen (his words, not mine) and not long after, he came back with two doughnuts! Later, when I wanted to pack my leftovers and stuff to bring home for my sisters, the server even threw in an extra salted egg yolk cronut for good measure, since we had waited so much. I thought that was really kind, and I was very pleased!

I didn’t actually order these but I wish I did!!


#78: Monday

I found out I got a job for next semester!!!!

#79: Tuesday

Aida hasn’t had durian yet since she got back from London so as a reward for going to the gym earlier that day, she asked my dad to buy some durian!! As we were eating it, we were just like, how can anyone not like this? And not just not like it, a lot of people like aggressively hate it and can’t even deal with the smell. Isn’t that funny? Because to me it just tastes so good.

#80: Wednesday

There’s a Creative Writing class at Penn I really want to take next semester but couldn’t get into. I emailed the professor weeks ago about being put on the waitlist, but she said to keep an eye on Penn InTouch (the class registration system) just in case someone drops the class and allow the course to open up, which would mean someone else could enroll in it before she could enroll me in. Uh, I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Anyway, so there’s this site called Penn Course Notify. Basically, if a class you want is closed, you could enter your email for the system to notify you when the specific course you want opens up. I’ve done this for several classes in the past and sometimes I’ve been quick enough, but other times, I’ve not been as successful. I decided not to take chances this time and put in both my emails and also some of my friends’ emails just as an extra precaution! An hour ago, Shahirah texted me telling me it opened and I managed to sign up for the class!! The next semester just got so much more exciting 🙂

Haha ok I’ve been slacking with these posts but I just haven’t been feeling like writing about myself lately. I’d open WordPress, try to type something and just feel inauthentic or weird or upset or whatever and then put it away for days and days, heh.


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