#65-70 | 100 Happy Days

#65: Tuesday

I had coffee with an old friend on Tuesday. She and I, before recently, hadn’t met in about 6 years. But as time would have it, some people find their way back to each other and I think it all worked out in the best way possible, better that I could have ever planned myself.

#66: Wednesday

My family and I went out for dinner on Wednesday at an Instagram favourite, Jibby & Co. Not only was I happy to fulfill my craving their soft shell crab burger, I was also thoroughly entertained by my sisters. We honestly do the silliest things sometimes, too silly for me to even explain properly in words. At one point, my dad even wondered out loud if we were dropped as children! Haha.

#67: Thursday

I cannot say this seriously enough: I learned how to pivot tables on Excel.

I also made this video you might wanna watch about Penang!

#68: Friday

My sisters, Azziera (Aida’s friend who was visiting from Kuching) and I went out for dessert on Friday night and as we were driving home I spotted something wonderful by the roadside and made my sister stop the car immediately. It was a Burger Ramli stall. I ordered a special, of course. It was beyond special. I hadn’t eaten one of those since before I left for Penn and it was a blissful reunion.

#69: Saturday

USAPPS happened on Saturday! That’s the college application workshop I mentioned last week. I attended half the day on Saturday, and while I was there, Pang Fei, one of the facilitators recognised me from across the room and said “hey, you’re Dayana right?” and I was stunned. I was like, “Yeah! And you are…?” awkwardly. I’ve never really been in that situation before. He said he remembered me from the talk I gave the year he attended the workshop as a participant because he said it was “good.” That really made my day because I have chills remembering that talk and how much practice I had to put into it because I felt I sucked, hahaha.

#70: Sunday

This is today! I had such a fun day. My mom, sister and I went to Bangsar for lunch and some shopping, got ice cream and then visited the museum at Sasana Kijang—all the things I love. It was just like, really great. I know it’s super like basic? But I had so much fun. I love driving (or rather, being driven) around KL, seeing the roads and buildings and shops. I think I’ll write more about my Sunday in the coming week 🙂

Ok. I’ve decided that doing these posts in chunks it’s easier.


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