#59 | 100 Happy Days

I got to talk to Miru and Sylvia today. They’re two of my friends from Penn who are currently in California, so the time difference made things a little tricky to schedule a time for a call but we managed to work something out. These two girls are so amazing, you guys. Like, you can tell from the work they do and the things they dedicate their spare time to that they just have so much commitment to the service of society. Yeah, I hear you, it sounds cheesy, like it was ripped off of someone’s speech or something. But I really want to convey how I feel with the appropriate amount of gravity. It makes me happy to know that there are people out there, people in my little life, with such brilliant minds and kind hearts. I feel very thankful to know people who dedicate their time to projects and causes bigger than themselves.

I also just got back from the gym and took a shower and did my laundry. It’s past my weekday bedtime but I still have to iron my clothes. I don’t like going to the gym and making my lungs feel like they are about to burst, I don’t like doing my laundry and I don’t like wearing work pants. But I like knowing, every night when I go to sleep, that I have the capacity to do things I find difficult, things I don’t love, things I don’t want to in order to get the things I do want.


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