#57 | 100 Happy Days

I found this podcast recently called Millennials. It’s so good! The producer and host, Megan Tan, is just absolutely impressive. So, the whole podcast is about navigating your 20s post graduation. The tagline of the show claims that it’s about “things no one really teaches you” and I agree. In the first season (which is where I’m at as of today) Megan really takes us on a journey with her, as she navigates what she wants to do after college. No one teaches you how to do that. Not really. She graduated plan-less, but she had a vision, if you will. The Millennial podcast is a product of that, and she really shows you her vulnerabilities and tells you the story with honesty. There is a particular cringe-worthy recording she included in Episode 7 which really earned my respect. It’s also edited really well as far as I can tell—I love the sound effects she puts in because it makes me feel like I’m really there hanging out with a friend. I highly recommend you check it out here!

I was telling Shahirah about this podcast today and here’s a screenshot of our conversation, haha.


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