#51 | 100 Happy Days

So, I love Pinterest. You can get inspiration for clothes, decorations, household organisation and my favourite: food! You can bookmark anything from any website on it and you can search for all sorts of things on the Pinterest website itself. If you’ve never heard of it and still don’t understand: it’s like a digital scrapbook.

I’ve gotten lots of great recipe ideas from it. Today, I tried something I’ve been had on Pinterest for a long time, and that is Jamie Oliver’s baked eggs. They are really quick and easy! Takes about 20 mins in total if you’re focused. It took me longer because I was sitting with my sister talking and laughing. I say they’re easy because all you have to do is toss some stuff into a skillet or whatever, add salt and pepper and bake them. And it’s healthy too! I think.

I tried making the smoked salmon one and the tomato basil one, but I added mushrooms into both just because I love mushrooms. I’d try adding in some paprika and maybe cheese for innovation?! I don’t know. But anyway, these were so good with bread and I’m definitely going to try to make them again!


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