#41 | 100 Happy Days

It’s good to be back home! We got back from Kuching today and as usual, I sat on the window seat. I love the window seat for long haul flights because it helps me sleep by giving my head something to rest on. But in general, I love them because I always feel a strong need to look out my window just after we take off and right before we land.

Just like how we look people in the eye when we welcome them and say goodbye, I always feel like I have to look out at the city I am leaving or entering. There’s something about saying goodbye upon departure and hello upon arrival that makes me stop whatever I’m doing to just look out. Especially here in Malaysia.

This was the last glimpse of Kuching I got. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t really love it there because it doesn’t have a lot of the comforts I’m used to. Wifi and traffic are similarly slow. Sushi restaurants are few and far between. But Kuching is part of who I am. My mum grew up there. My grandparents can tell stories of their elders’ (and so mine as well) time with the Brookes in Sarawak. My dad used to send my mum postcards that would travel here from Europe. My parents got married there. I first travelled there when I was days (weeks?) old.

How could you not pause to look out at all of that?

And then an hour or so passes and we fly over KL and I spot the KL Tower, Dataran Merdeka, Stadium Melawati. I see roads I’m sure I travel all the time but cannot identify from so high up. I see LRT stations spread along a curved line. I can tell the general area of my house but not my exact rooftop. And I feel pulled in. And I feel glued to the window. And I feel so happy to be back.

I think some people like not being tied to one place. But I like feeling rooted. And I feel full, and complete, and happy, and home.

What do you get when you sit by the aisle?!


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