#40 | 100 Happy Days

We gathered at my Pak Ngah’s house for late dinner today. Most of my mom’s side of the family was there with the exception of a handful of people. And again, my favourite part of any raya thing is pictures!

The girl cousins were trying to take pictures but we kept laughing uncontrollably because it was always very difficult to tell which of the 4-5 cameras to look at, and for some reason it took so long and at times it seemed like no one was taking a picture and we were just standing in a straight line for nothing. So we start laughing because our cheeks are starting to get cramped from smiling so hard for so long and we start swaying because we’re getting unstable and we start making jokes saying “cepat la, sis penat” and “sis peluh” and the laughing just makes taking pictures so much harder… but it’s so fun!

I haven’t gotten any of the better quality pictures yet but this is one from my mum’s phone, hehe. Don’t you love taking raya pictures?! Love how awkward they can be as well, hahaha. So much fun.


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