#35 | 100 Happy Days

I went to Ampang Park today, again. This is noteworthy because I’ve never been there before this weekend but this weekend I’ve been there two days in a row. Shopping raya and whatnot. To those of you who don’t live in KL/just don’t know, Ampang Park is a mall and not an actual park. I myself didn’t know that until 2013.

It’s a really old place, one of the oldest malls in Malaysia and apparently will be closing down soon (?) so not only did it look very zaman tujuh puluhan (70s), there were lots of shops selling just very old things like old records and VCD cases.

One of the shops sold lots of old candies and snacks I haven’t seen/had in years!!! So, I bought Yupi burgers! They’re these jelly burgers I used to eat when I was in primary school and they used to be so popular. There were like lots of types of Yupi sweets but the burger was definitely one of the popular ones and I’m so glad I bought a whole packet of them!


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