#33 | 100 Happy Days

My friend Cristina is amazing. She speaks like a hundred different languages (English, Romanian, Arabic and Spanish to name a few…) and is the kindest most caring person. I met Cristina at Penn in Arabic class, our first semester there and have been friends since. She was away last semester for a study abroad program in Morocco so I haven’t seen her since December.

Today, we made it a point to video call each other and it was the first time I got to speak to her in so long! I was so happy to hear about her Moroccan adventures and just to catch up with her about life in general. She’s currently in Romania, the country she grew up in before she moved to the United States. This summer, she’s volunteering with refugees, teaching English/Romanian and helping them with translations and stuff. Isn’t that amazing? I’m so proud of all the amazing things she and my other friends are doing. We all have such amazing people in our lives, really. Ahhh so overwhelmed with gratitude.

This was a screenshot from an older video call because I forgot to take one today, hehe sorry Cristi. ❀


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