#30 | 100 Happy Days

The Kelana Jaya LRT station has been my default for a very long time. Back in 2013, I used it so often to go to KLCC because, fun fact, I used to be a volunteer at Petrosains! This year I’ve been using it a lot to get to KL Sentral. Today, I saw the spot I used to sit at when whoever was picking me up from the station was late.

Right there, where the guy in the middle is sitting.

About two years ago, I sat there after work. It was night time and it was raining. I remember feeling a little scared and very tired. I don’t remember who was on the way to come get me but I had to wait for quite a while.

Keeping me company (virtually) were Shahirah and May May. Keep in mind this was 2013. I was still volunteering at Petrosains. We had not been to Penn yet. We had probably only met once if at all, at this point.

I remember texting them on Messenger as if I had known them for ages, and they were talking to me like it was a thing they did all the time, and I knew immediately, or at least I strongly hoped, we would be really good friends.

Today, May May and Shahirah are a couple of the best friends I’ve ever had. I really never thought friendships were that significant or meaningful until I met these two.

Today, I know (and I hope forever more) that whenever I need them they are a text away. May May tells me about her London adventures and talks about work, Shahirah sends me funny Vines and discusses with me ideas we have.

Today, in that brief glance towards a seat by a staircase, I am reminded that I am so lucky life brought me this amazing and imperfect friendship.


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