#17 | 100 Happy Days

Today, I buka puasa-ed with my friend Amanda who I haven’t seen since last summer. Amanda is brilliant and passionate and that’s just two of the things I love about her. She’s also a fellow writer/blogger, and this is something she wrote recently about wanting to return home after graduating (I saved it because I liked it so much):

“feeling trapped by a place — which may mean feeling too big for a place — seems like such an arrogant thing to do. i want to return, not only because this is where my roots and family are, not only because there’s a hell lot of stuff that needs to be done here, and certainly not because i feel obliged or responsible or like a saviour … if i, because of unfair power systems and many strokes of luck, have been given so much from this place, how can i just take it, go Somewhere Else, benefit lots and never come back and share it with folks? how does that make sense?” – Amanda

It’s nice to have people to relate to, yes?


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