Week 6: TREATS

I feel like I’ve had a lot of treats lately. Last week, Wendy and I made chocolate covered strawberries for an event we were hosting together. It was so much fun! I never knew how easy they were to make. Plus, whenever you mess up, you just eat it! And let me say that cold strawberries + hot freshly melted chocolate are tough to beat—just so, so good.

Last weekend, I also hung out with some of my friends from the APALI program I did last spring. (APALI is the Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative!) Cathy, Ashna and I, with the help of Cathy’s housemate, made egg tarts. They were surprisingly pretty good!! We just followed the recipe from Buzzfeed Tasty and it worked out amazingly.

Hi, Cathy!

It was nice to see everyone because it had been so long since we got together. Everyone’s just so busy though so I can’t blame them. It was a really cold evening so we stayed in and just played games 🙂


I saw Busra again for the first time since the fall semester! It’s crazy how fast the semester builds up that I’m only seeing her for the first time a month into the Spring semester. But yeah, I went to Han Dynasty again to have dinner with B and it was a lot of fun. She’s really the sweetest thing.


After dinner, I hung out with some of my friends who are seniors, Osama and Habeeb. I know them through the Muslim Students Association. Osama is graduating in May and he just wants to have conversations with people and learn more about his friends I guess before college comes to an end for him. He made coffee for us which is great because how do I turn down free coffee?

Yesterday, my friend Maanoj visited me! He’s studying in Canada and made a trip down to NY because he needed to renew his passport. He decided to make a day trip to Philly, which I really appreciated. It’s always so nice to catch up with friends who knew me way back then, and it’s great to see how far my friends have come. I absolutely love having such smart, ambitious and kind people in my life.

“Take a picture with the thing so people know you’ve been to Philly!” “Seriously?!” LOL.

As I write, I’ve just finished dinner and have to start doing my homework.

My dinner today smells a little like raya ❤

 I have a midterm each week for the next 3 weeks, but I just realized that by the end of it, I will have passed the halfway mark of the semester which is exciting!

Slowly, but surely, right? 🙂


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